Dark Side of Divorce

Divorce Court

Avoiding the Darker Side of Divorce

There’s one thing to keep in mind during an impending divorce, the other person is someone that you once loved and cared about deeply. When you entered into a marriage, there’s a necessity to take on responsibility and an assumption of certain risks. These risks weren’t written into law or into the holy matrimony vows. Because there’s a mutual understanding, silently both the husband and wife want the marriage to last forever, but the commitment could end in divorce or dissolution of marriage.

Divorce Mediation experts from The Aurit Center help make the separation process as easy as possible. No matter what complex issues lead to the divorce decision, mediation is a method to resolve outstanding financial and personal matters, out of court. Divorce mediation serves as useful way to dissolve family disputes in a timely fashion, without the need and expense of court proceedings. During court proceedings divorce matters tend to drag on and can become more burdensome, issues crop up that weren’t a problem during the marriage. This is because court proceedings are tense and stressful, lawyers spend a great deal of time arguing and preparing new motions, and both parties must be present.

So, the two biggest advantages of divorce mediation are time and money saved. Court proceedings miss an important component, personal input. During the mediation process, both parties are allowed to speak during the negotiations. In court, the judge usually makes the final decision without much input from the petitioner or the respondent. The judge rarely asks for personal explanations, typically everything is written into a formal document with supporting paperwork.

Mediation is an opportunity for a faster resolution; the length of time is sketched out by both parties. Court proceedings drag on indefinitely because of conflicting schedules by the lawyers involved or the court schedule. The longer it takes to complete, the longer both parties have time to look for forgotten or discarded things that seemed insignificant at the time, but now could fit the agenda for spousal or child support payments.

Divorce mediation is handled as a professional development, the matters related to the marriage unraveling are held in utmost confidence. All notes and other related documentation are legally privileged and confidential. The meetings can be in any environment that the couple decides. This could be in a mutually comfortable lawyer’s office or a community conference room or even online via a laptop and web cam or Skype. The atmosphere is still serious but more relaxed than a court room, where there is usually a race against time because someone else has another case pending, either the judge or the lawyers.